Anti Icky Poo P Bath Gallon

Use this product if you have used other cleaners first. Other cleaners coat the odor causing urine crystals and encapsulate them only masking the odor. P Bath with compatible ingredients for Anti Icky Poo bacterial solution will breakdown those unsuccessful simply odor masking cleaning agents and allow Anti Icky Poo to not just mask the odor but eliminate the odor permanently by removing the odors source. Using P Bath on areas that have been treated with other cleaners first is a must if you want Anti Icky Poo to work effectively. P Bath is a Urine pre-treat that prepares the contaminated area for increased efficiency of Anti Icky Poo.1. Brings contaminants within a PH range preferred by Anti Icky Poo bacterial solutions2. Neutralizes quaternary disinfectants that may be present.3. Cuts urine salts in face yarns for increased removal by cleaning4. Helps stabilize urine affected dyes prior to cleaning5. P Bath is anionic and tends to reset the coating of stain-resist fibers. Full strength, it can be used to correct sticky residues caused by the error of previous cationic treatments to these fibers.6.All ingredients are selected for compatibility with Mister Max Anti Icky Poo bacterial solution, making Anti Icky Poo work even better with improved consistency in overall results.

P Bath Gallon
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