Unscented Pro Kit Plus w/ 18" Blacklight

This kit includes:
(2) Gallons of MisterMax Unscented Anti Icky Poo Odor remover,
(1) Quart Unscented,
(1) Quart MisterMax P-Bath,
(1) Carpet Injector and
(1) 18" 120v - 15 Watt Blacklight

The blacklight is stronger than any battery handheld light and is capable to brighten up any room.
No need to get you your hands and knees to find the infected spots.
Anti Icky Poo will not mask the odor, rather it eats the bacteria that is creating the odor never to come back.
Can be used on any odor that is organic in nature.

Anti Icky Poo "Unscented" Pro Kit Plus with Blacklight
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